The Hull Review – William Oliver’s Publick House

The Hull Review – William Oliver’s Publick House

For our very first Hull review, Master Chef Chad and I made our way to Fort Collins to try a Hulligan suggestion, William Oliver’s Publick House.  Known as the King of bacon and king of whiskey.

It’s located in a Safeway parking lot off of Timberline so parking was rough around [3:30] when we arrived.

The patio isn’t something I’d call a must visit as…you know….it’s in a Safeway parking lot.  But there’s plenty of great restaurants in supermarket lots so let’s move past it.

Oliver’s Publick House has an awesome Irish pub feel (keep in mind I have never been to an Irish pub) and we were treated to a new addition to the joint called a Snug.  What is a snug?   I’m told that they began in Ireland in the late 19th century.  They were/are typically a small, very private room that used to be for patrons who preferred not to be seen.  Now they are just fun.  I loved that addition.

I ordered an Old Fashioned and a BLT.  Let’s just say… can’t screw up a BLT but you can certainly make it better.  Bacon.  There I said it.  Watch the video!