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NFL:  After a frustrating loss to Baltimore, the Broncos, even at 2-1, are certainly feeling some pressure.  Head Coach Vance Joseph’s hot seat from 2017 didn’t cool much after 2 wins and now it’s smoking hot after losing on the road.  Kansas City is one of the leagues best so if VJ wants to throw some water that hot seat, he’ll have to find a way to get his team ready for Monday Night Football.

MLB:  As I write this, the Rockies just finished sweeping AZ in their last regular season game in NL West play.  They are 1.5 games out of 1st place and that last wild card spot.  90 wins should get them in.  That means they have to go 5-2 in their final 7 against Philadelphia and Washington. Anderson, Gray and Marquez will start against Philly.  Want in the playoffs for the first time in back to back seasons…ever?  5-2.

NCAA:  Are the Buffs for real?  They start Pac 12 play this weekend but against an 0-3 UCLA team.  We won’t know if they are the real deal after that game but we could learn that they aren’t with a loss.  4-0 would be a huge start after missing a bowl game last season.

Brady's big game of the week: Chiefs @ Broncos MNF

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