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Every Thursday, Brady makes the lock of the week, the pick of the century, the greatest segment in the history of radio; The Thursday Night Special.


April 1st:  Brady is getting a little crazy.  He like the Rockies to beat the Dodgers on opening day…………SUCCESS! Rockies win 8-5

April 8th: Brady is taking the Rockies to bear the Diamondbacks….SUCCESS!  Jon Gray was nearly flawless and Colorado wins 7-3

April 15th: Going with the Atlanta Hawks to beat the Milwaukee Bucks………..

April 22nd:

April 29th:


March 2021: 4-2

February 2021: 1-3

January 2021: 3-1

2020 record: 19-10

2019 record:  21-27

2018 record: 24-21