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Pressure Cooker: This Week 2/11-2/18
Every week Brady takes a look at local, state and national teams/players/coaches and determines whether or not they should be feeling the pressure.  


NFL:  The Super Bowl is over and the process of getting to or back to the Big Game begins this week.  For the Broncos, that process is more difficult than recent years past.  No, we won’t see any moves this week from that front office, but the pressure starts to build for John Elway and his staff and it all starts with QB; a position that has historically seen two of the greatest ever and a whole lot of mediocrity in between.  Will it be Cousins? Foles? A high draft pick?  Either way, the process will start to ramp up now that the season is officially over.

NCAA – CSU Rams.   No, I don’t expect wins or anything like that.  I expect Larry Eustachy to be fired.  He is on administrative leave right now, but based on his past, the recent investigation and his latest team chat where, according to Justin Michael and Matt Stephens in the Denver Post, “he made it clear he wasn’t going anywhere…..and if you didn’t like it, you could leave yourself.”  Nice.  That’ll fire up the team…..I’ve always rooted for Coach Eustachy, but enough is enough.  It’s time to move on.