Mountain West Tournament Round 1: Wyoming vs. CSU (3/4/20)

Mountain West Tournament Round 1:  Wyoming vs. CSU (3/4/20)

Wyoming 80 / Colorado State 74

Game notes by Tyler Norwood

Even though the Wyoming Cowboys entered the MW tournament with the worst record in the conference, Rams fans knew this was not a game to take lightly. Unfortunately, Colorado State seemed out of sorts for much of this one and it cost them a trip to the second round.  My four standout moments in this one:

1 When their hot their hot: The Cowboys hit 12 of 26 from 3 point land but the hot shooting from deep was lethal early making it very difficult for the Rams to crawl back into this one. Kwane Marble made 4 3’s and finished the night with 20 points, insuring the Rams wouldn’t make a miraculous comeback like the last time these two teams faced off.

2  Where was David Roddy?: One of the freshmen sensations for the Rams all year was mostly irrelevant as he only scored 2 points and grabbed 1 rebound.  His performance was the exact opposite of the last game against the Cowboys where he scored 19.   Foul trouble was an issue for Roddy in this one and he just could never get on track.

3 Free throws were not the issue: Nico Carvacho shot 6 of 6 from the free-throw line and the Rams as a team shot 84 percent from the charity stripe. If this kind of free-throw shooting had been going on during the season, who knows, CSU might have earned  a first-round bye in the tournament and avoided this mess of an ending.

4 Stevens will be the leader: Hard to find a silver lining here but luckily for Rams fans, there is one.  Colorado State has the mountain west conference freshmen of the year on their team. In his first postseason battle, Stevens put up 22 points and 8 rebounds. This team will be very tough to beeat next year but for now, this one stings.