More wins = more fans? How many?

There was a TON of hype around CSU this off-season. New stadium, PAC 12 opponent in the 1st week, PAC 12 rival the next, and a game against the pride and joy of College Football, Alabama. But in between the first two weeks and the Bama game there was that Abilene Christian game. Neat. 27,000 plus fans spotted the stadium. Hardly an impressive showing for the second game EVER at the new place. It was a much different feel than the Oregon State Game and rightfully so. The Beavers are a PAC 12 team. No matter how bad of a PAC 12 team, they are a power conference football program. Can any of you tell me which conference Abilene Christian is in? Bueller…Bueller….Bueller. The buzz and momentum, at least for one week, stalled out and left many writers and fans wondering what it’s going to take to fill that new, breathtaking stadium week in and week out regardless of the opponent. It’s going to take wins and a lot of them. It’s going take competing for a MW title more often than not and a few cracks at the top 25. Sure, the Rams have been putting together winning seasons and going to bowl games but we all know that’s not enough.
I’m not saying games like Abilene Christian shouldn’t happen. A win is a win. But in order for that game not to crush the momentum of what should be a glorious season for CSU, the Rams have to continue to build on each season with the realistic hope and promise of achieving something more. You see packed stadiums when Florida takes on a much lesser opponent but that’s because the tradition is so rich and the expectations are always so high. The Rams are a long way from being that kind of program but they are on the right track for sure. I don’t blame the fans for not filling the stadium during games like the Abilene Christian one…for now. But IF this teams wins a conference title this season and cracks the top 25 within a year or so then it’s time to start showing up. And, if you are a Rams fan, you better show up in droves if this team even competes against Bama….or dare I say wins the damn thing.

For now, I am not going to rant and rave about the lack of support. I’m not going to wave my finger at you and say things like “well they gave you this beautiful stadium and you still can’t go and support the team?” A stadium doesn’t change the culture overnight. It takes time and a whole lot of winning.