Game of the Week: Denver vs. Miami

Game of the Week:  Denver vs. Miami

Nuggets vs. Miami


It’s been over 4 months since we saw the Denver Nuggets in action and when basketball was officially “paused” we had several questions about the future of the NBA and specifically, the Nuggets.  Post All Star break, the Denver was pretty much a .500 team; not exactly what you want to see from a contender late in the season.  But all that can be thrown out the window.  August is typically when we start talking about training camp and the pre season but thanks to Covid-19, we are resuming the 2020 season from the Orlando bubble.  The Mile High crew will play 8 regular season games…starting with the Miami Heat.  I am not sure if the Nuggets truly care where they end up in terms of playoff seeding, but nonetheless, it will be very interesting to see what this team does in a real game.  They have been short staffed since arriving in Orlando so it will be great to see Denver reach full strength status asap.