His name is Brock Osweiler

I debated whether to write a scathing review of the officiating from Friday’s Rocky Mt. Showdown, a TJ Ward farewell or something to help make sense of Denver’s signing of Brock Osweiler. I was told to let the RMS and TJ thing go but after receiving several messages and texts on the Sport Clips text line (after hours), I decided to write about Brock. Here goes:
First thing’s first; Kyle Sloter. I love how everyone pretends that they can’t recall how to say Brock’s last name yet they are now Kyle Sloter experts. KFKA carried every game of his last year for UNC and we didn’t hear anything like what we heard this past month. He played well in four preseason games against guys that would either be cut or placed at the bottom of a depth chart somewhere. I’m gonna steal and tweak a line from the Joker in the Dark Knight here: If, one day we (Troy Coverdale, voice of UNC) tell you Sloter is good while playing for UNC nobody panics, nobody cares. But when we say that Sloter played well in a couple of little old meaningless games as a third stringer, everyone loses their minds. Sloter was not a proven NFL backup and for that, Denver chose to cut him from their roster. 31 other teams chose not to put him on the active roster either.
So, now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk about a guy that is MUCH better, MUCH more proven and let’s face it, MUCH more interesting. Brock Osweiler. The same guy that helped Denver get into that number 1 spot in the playoffs in 2015. Have we forgotten that epic game against Cincinnati? He got an unfair shake in Houston as O’Brian didn’t like the guy. Then in Cleveland he was let go….why? They will be paying him 15 million this year….why not just keep him around? Oh yea, it’s Cleveland. Denver needs an experienced guy that has shown he can, at the very least, go out and call plays against solid number 1’s. So if Trevor goes down, realistically, I’d much rather have Brock, a guy that went 5-2 as a starter in Denver and 8-6 in Houston as a backup rather than a guy that played great as a UNC Bear, a member of the Big Sky Conference at the FCS level. Denver will be paying him the veterans minimum of $775,000. A steal for a solid backup. Throw in the cheap factor and the fact that he studied McCoy’s system in 2012 makes Brock the most logical sense. Sure, he may have been upset that he didn’t get the start in the playoffs when Manning came back and sure, there might be some awkwardness there but it’s about winning football games and securing a solid, known depth chart. A year ago, if I asked you who’s the better QB; Brock or Kyle Sloter…..you’d have to google Sloter before answering. That is, IF you weren’t a diehard Bears fans. Even then, I’d hope logic took over and you’d say Brock Osweiler. I don’t want to knock the guy, trust me. I love our Bears and I loved what he did. But why does Denver seem to go bananas once in a while for unproven qb’s? Tebow, Sloter…..I literally heard a County Commissioner tell our afternoon host, Gail Fallon, that there hasn’t been this much excitement around Denver for a while when he was asked about Sloter. Really? SB 50 a year and a half ago didn’t do it for you? See what I mean.
His name is Brock Osweiler. And he’s YOUR backup quarterback for YOUR Denver Broncos.